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Yrjönkatu swimming hall - Closed for renovation

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The pool of the historic Yrjönkatu swimming hall.

Municipal service, Culture and Leisure Division, City of Helsinki. Source:

Contact information

  • Yrjönkatu 21 b, 00100 Helsinki


  • +358 9 310 87401 (call)

    Phone number:

  • No email provided


  • No home page provided

  • Cashier, +358 9 310 87401 (call)

    Contact person:

  • Sports Supervisors, +358 9 310 87403 (call)

    Contact person:

  • Manager, Kara Koskinen, +358 9 310 24713 (call)

    Contact person:

  • Closed for renovations: - Mon-Sun - Closed

    Opening hours:

  • The Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall will be closed for renovations at the turn of the year 2023.

    Opening hours:

  • Admission ends at 20.00, swimming time at 20.30, washing time at 20.45. Leave the area by 21.00.

    Opening hours:

  • Look at the route to this place (New tab. The HSL Journey Planner is not an accessible service)

Taking photos is prohibited in the swimming hall area.

Please note that our staff consists of both men and women during all opening hours. Services: Cafe Yrjö, tel. 09 677 318, open Tue-Sun 13.00 - 21.00. Meeting room for 20 persons Mon - Sun 8.00 - 21.00. Coffee maker, kettle and microwave. Cafe Yrjö's services are available. Only for meeting use. Saunas: 1st floor: two electric saunas 2nd floor: infrared sauna, wood-heated sauna, steam sauna, private sauna 4th floor: private sauna. Other info: Forum's parking hall, Chlorine purification.

Web sites

  • Advance tickets to the 2nd floor (new tab)

  • Cafe Yrjö (new tab)

  • Hydrobic Wed 7.45 - 8.15 (new tab)

  • Yrjönkadun uimahalliin luotu turvallisemman tilan periaatteet (new tab)

  • Special swimming card (new tab)

  • Private saunas (new tab)

  • Definitions for the price groups (new tab)

  • Swimwear guide (new tab)

  • Rules and regulations (new tab)

  • Chargeable customer cards contract terms (new tab)

  • The Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall will be closed for renovations at the turn of the year (new tab)

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